How to practice on python examples

I have started Data Analysis with Python. I would like to practice the example that are shown in video. How do I do that. Is there a way to download the files to your local computer and practice the examples. Or is it online. If so, how do I access that.

you can use, create a python repl (“new repl” button, select Python from the list of languages), type and then use the “Run” button to run your code

I think what OP is referring to is the exercises mentioned in the course. For example, for the “Data Analysis with Python” course, there is a video called “Data Analysis Example B”. At around 4:10 mark, the host states there are exercises associated with the given lecture, but doesn’t tell us how to access them. I tried typing in the website the host is using but it won’t let me access the exercises.

Any ideas on how to access these? Thanks!

it seems it is this issue then:

in this case the stuff should be found in the description of this video:

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That seems to be working, thank you so much!