How to proceed with my career as a developer?

I worked on both Drupal and Magento as a developer, which are different paths. Now i have confusion how to proceed in terms of learning, apart from the above which has future scope that helps me in gaining knowledge.what are all technologies that i should focus on.

Hello @Max28, welcome to the FreeCodeCamp forums, I hope you find the answer(s) you are looking for . :smile:

For those that don’t know what Magneto or Drupal is (I never heard of Magneto until right now) Here are some links:

I believe this is too generic of a question, and we are missing the most important of what are your goals with development?.

The answer to what you should go learn/do next really depends on you and what you want to do in life, with what you learn.

For example if your happy using and working with PHP but are concerned about job opportunities, you might want to pick up a more popular language.

Or if your more concerned with where to go after learning a good about between the two above technologies, Drupal and Magneto, you might be asking which is the better technology to learn. I personally don’t know much about PHP development to answer, but I’m sure once we know what your goals are we will be able to provide better advice :slight_smile:

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I’ve known some very good Drupal and Magento developers in the past who have made a career or their own business based on those platforms. Before adopting those platforms they made sure they had really rock solid front-end skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript; or, in the case of the small business, employed some top-notch front-end designers (one of them was a .net magazine new designer of the year).

My point is, no matter which e-commerce/CMS platform you might base a career around, you can’t beat a solid foundation in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you haven’t already got those skills under your belt, I’d focus on those.

You probably won’t hear many champions of PHP these days (although most people would admit that Laravel is very attractive) – this is really the time of “JavaScript everywhere” :roll_eyes: :smile:

Take a look at the fantastic Backend Developer Roadmap for some suggestions on how to further develop your PHP-based career. @QuincyLarson even offers his own commentary on the roadmap.

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I used to think that when I started with Laravel. Now I think it’s utterly insane, overengineered for extensibility in the wrong places, and inflexible and hardwired in the places you’d actually want to customize (like column data types). Oh and it’s slow as sin.

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@chuckadams Thanks for your Laravel insight!

I should have said “… that Laravel looks very attractive” :grinning: