How to protect routes in react current version?

Hello everyone, I have an admin dashboard and want that only admins are able to see the pages. So I set a condition into my router. When I am logged in, I am able to open every page, but I get the warning:

No routes matched location “/pagename”

Navbar and Sidebar are fixed, so that every page opens in a div named ContentWrapper.
How can I get rid of this warning. Thank you

const admin = useAppSelector((state)=>state.auth.user?.isAdmin)
  return (
      <Route path="/" element={<Login/>}/>
      {admin && 
              <Route path="/home" element={<Home/>}/>
              <Route path="/sales" element={<Sales/>}/>
              <Route path="/analytics" element={<Analytics/>}/>
              <Route path="/transactions" element={<Transactions/>}/>
              <Route path="/reports" element={<Reports/>}/>
              <Route path="/mail" element={<Mail/>}/>
              <Route path="/feedback" element={<Feedback/>}/>
              <Route path="/messages" element={<Messages/>}/>
              <Route path="/manage" element={<Manage/>}/>
              <Route path="/user" element={<User/>}/>
              <Route path="/products" element={<Products/>}/>
              <Route path="/productlistChild" element={<ProductlistChild/>}/>
              <Route path="/productlistWomen" element={<ProductlistWomen/>}/>
              <Route path="/productlistMen" element={<ProductlisttMen/>}/>
              <Route path="/productlistSportschuhe" element={<ProductlistSportschuhe/>}/>
              <Route path="/productlistSneaker" element={<ProductlistSneaker/>}/>
              <Route path="/cardImages" element={<CardImages/>}/>
              <Route path="/sneakerImage" element={<SneakerImage/>}/>
              <Route path="/sliderImage" element={<SliderImages/>}/>
              <Route path="/newsletterBackground" element={<NewsletterBackground/>}/>
              <Route path="/descriptionItems" element={<DescriptionItems/>}/>
              {/* Edits */}
              <Route path="/showUser/:id" element={<UserDisplay/>}/>
              <Route path="/showProduct/:id" element={<ProductEdit/>}/>
              <Route path="/showDescriptionItem/:id" element={<DescriptionItemsEdit/>}/>
              <Route path="/showSliderItem/:id" element={<SliderItemsEdit/>}/>

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