How to retrieve data from Wikipedia API

Hello everyone,
I’m currently working to finish the Front-End intermediate level project “Build a Wikipedia Viewer”. I have faced a problem, which I am trying to find a solution for days. That’s why I am asking your help.

Here it is:
When the user searches for a specific term, the server retrieves information from the following wikipedia API query:” + term

The javascript code snippet is the following:

function retrieve(keyword)
    var JSONSite = "";
    JSONSite += keyword;

    alert("This is executed normally.");

    $.getJSON("",  function (data)
        alert("This is not executed.");

So, the problem is that the code inside the .getJSON function is not executing. What’s wrong with the code? Am I missing something?

Have you got a CodePen? I tried copying the URL to the browser and it worked fine. If using CodePen, make sure you’re connected via HTTPS or you’ll hit a CORS restriction.

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Have a look at this example

Is that because of the “term” in the string you pass to $.getJSON?