How to round the value to two decimal places?

#how to round the value to two decimal places?




distance = [ ]


for n in range(0,p):

a +=(l/p)*2.9


print('distance = ',distance)

check the round function

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for the list I couldn’t get it to work

it works on numbers, not lists, so you need to use it on the numbers

Be careful with round, it has some tricky perks:

a = 2.3
b = 2.5
c = 2.51

why tricky? that correctly rounds to the nearest integer, if you want to round down you need to use a different function

anyway, if you add round in the correct place you can get this output

distance =  [0, 1.45, 2.9, 4.35, 5.8, 7.25, 8.7, 10.15, 11.6, 13.05, 14.5]

Well, for me round was little confusing at first.

In school/university we were doing rounding like 2.5 >>> 3.

So I wrote the above.

I totally agree that it works as it should work, no argument here

when it’s exactly 0.5 it rounds to the even number, it’s in the specifications, it’s also how I have been taught for reducing errors on rounding

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