How to see submitted code

Is there a way to see the code I submitted for a given challenge? It seems that if I start working on a challenge but dont finish it, it will come back where I left off when I pull that challenge back up.

However, if I completely finish and pass a challenge, when I go back to review what I did later on it clears out all of my code. Any ideas on how I can either access my code that I used or find the solution for the code once Ive passed the challenge?

If you run the tests, the in-progress code will be saved to your browser’s cache as completed solutions are. Keep in mind that if your browser’s cache is cleared or if you use a different browser/computer then none of those will be available. If you want to save an in-progress solution, I recommend doing so outside of your browser’s cache. Now would be a great time to start dipping your toe in Git.

Well what I was originally doing was just screenshoting the images of the code solutions as I went along, which is a bit of a hassle to sort through since its disconnected from the FCC interface.

I’m familiar with Git, though I am not sure what you mean in this context, is there some FCC integration? Or do you mean literally push up my solutions as files to GitHub? If you can elaborate that would be great!

Also, as you said the in-progress solution will be saved (which it is as long as I haven’t used a different browser/computer), so to be clear there is no way to see your old code once a solution is submitted?

Thanks for the help!!

My suggestion to use Git was that if you are working on difficult lessons that will require multiple browser sessions to solve, you may want to be saving your work somewhere more reliable than your browser cache. In such a case, being able to revert to earlier versions is also useful. Plus, most campers don’t learn how to use Git until they’re forced to.

I don’t know why you would screenshot your code instead of copying it into a file, but whatever floats your boat.

Since your solution is submitted by running the test, those solutions would also be saved in your browser cache. If you complete a lesson and then immediately go back and do not see your solution, it means that something is preventing FCC from writing to your browser cache (incompatible browser version, security settings, other extensions, etc).

Your solutions to the projects (which are required for certain certificates) are also saved to your public portfolio.

That is great information, thanks for clearing that up. You’re right, screenshots aren’t the best way but my goal isn’t so much to protect the code (worst case I have to restart 1 or 2 challenges) as it is to have a quick view of the question/requirements, the solution, and what is rendered. I do this if I get to a challenge and forget a small detail, I can go back to my previous screenshots and take a peek to remind myself. Sort of like personal documentation.

Sounds like the issue is indeed on my end, I’ll find out what is going on and why its not being saved by the browser. Thanks again for the help!