How to solve the dependency warnings

Hi there,

I have an issue within the dependencies and it is hard for me to see the version which causes this conflict. I already tried to change versions and to delete dependencies, but I still get warnings when I try to start the app.

These are the errors I got in the terminal:

When I run npm i --force I get 2 high severity vulnerabilities. After running npm audit I get this error:

I think I am not able to use the latest version of react, because it couses conflicts with the dependencies.

It would be great if someone can let me know how exactly we can read these errors. I tried to install the versions which are in a conflict, but I still get error messages.

Can someone help?

Hi, Kazooi
Can you show your package.json too please ?

Here is a screenshot from the package.json file:

I was able to install all the dependencies with npm i --force and at the moment I dont get an error. However it seems like some dependencies will still have a conflict with the new react version.

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