How to Use Blabel Barcode library to generate labels For Products

Blabel is a python library to generate labels (typically for printing stickers)
with Barcode Printer Like TSC,CITIZEN,ZEBRA and so on…its is highly used concept for business in day to day business processes.

hi is there any one here to help me out using these library with widows 7 and python 3.7 or 3.8

i have tried a lot but not succeed.

Thanks in advance and Love from INDIA

you can also share some alternate solution but it should be capable to print customized size of labels like…
35x15MM (1 sticker in a roll)
35x15MM (2 sticker in a roll)
50x25MM (1 sticker in a roll)
50x75MM (1 sticker in a roll)
and so on
2 labels in roll

1 label in roll

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