How to use code editor

I can't space text in the code editor.

What code editor are you using?

  1. Am using freecampcode for beginners HTML code section. In the area were we have Info, Code, Test and Preview. I was asked to Change “Hello” to “Hello World”. when I did I found out that the Spacebar didn’t allow me to space the Hello from the World.
  2. I also have HTML5 in my phone, some times if I try to practice, even when I follow the Instructions from the HTML tutorial, when I load it to browser it shows “this page not found” don’t know what’s wrong.

Why doesn’t your spacebar work, is it your keyboard? or maybe it’s the program I’m not sure, but if you want to pass the challenge you can write that somewhere else and copy & paste then.

Thanks boss, I decided to use my computer notepad