How to use font awesome

i tried including a icon but it didn’t appear. i referred font awesome website,but don’t know how to use it…
here’s the link to the portfolio

Hello jamilwa,
I have seen your code . Things I will suggest are:

  1. Use your font-awesome cdn in the Pen Setting>HTML>Stuff for “head” . Like you included the meta tag.
  2. In your LinkedIn button , you are closing the i tag twice .

Try changing it.

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thanks vipulrawat .
i have fixed the tag…but i’m confused about font-awesome thing you asked me to add…
i never added the meta tag…i guess meta tag was added by default…
can you tell me in detail how to add the font awesome?

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In your Pen Settings, click CSS and type in ‘font-awesome’ in the blank field under Add External CSS; the font-awesome stylesheet should pop up.

Or, alternatively, link to the CDN in the head section, rather than to your local download of Font Awesome; you can find the latest CDN link here.


thank you so much gcamacho…it’s working :laughing:

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