How to use freecodecamp without getting connected to Internet?

Hello, I live in a village in India where there is no proper internet connection and speed, so when I code on freecodecamp, it keeps buffering because of slow internet connection and my most of time got wasted and productivity gets low , it’s quite frustrating. Can anyone guide me to setup freecodecamp locally?

That was also my dilemma the other day. I was looking for offline DB alternative from Firebase. What I usually do is download the page or download pdf ebooks and challenges. I download node_modules from the internet cafe and save it on my usb or save a copy of nodejs express boiler plate or react to my pc that I will never touch. Everytime I make a project I just copy and paste the boiler plate to a new folder. And tbh you will not be able to use freecodecamp cause the results are connected to their backend that’s the reason i gave alternative while being offline

It takes some work to get set up, but you can basically run a copy of freeCodeCamp on your computer. This is used by developers when they are working on the platform. It will give you access to the curriculum, but it will not be connected to your freeCodeCamp account.



I found this:

Hope it helps?

Download the website :))