How to use random CSS classes?

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When I inspect some well made websites then I recognise that most of them uses random CSS classes. I am curious about this technique and would like to ask you how to use this random CSS classes and what is the advantage of useing them?

Here is a screenshot which shows these random CSS classes:

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These CSS classes are generated by their server, usually, for a unique page. Think of Facebook. It’s variable content that Facebook didn’t create. No two facebook newsfeeds are the same. So they need something in the background building the styles. What if a post is too long? What if it’s too short? What if the user is using a color-blind mode? To amount of potential combinations they’d need are infinite. So they create components of CSS that are then combined to create the “random” classes you see there.

Basically - in 99% of project, there’s no advantage. It’s just when your site has infinitely many possibilities that you have to create a new stylesheet for every user who logs in :smiley:

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@krisb1220 Thanks you, I got it!!

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