How to write the "audio/mpeg" tag?

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How to write the “audio/mpeg” tag?

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  <h1>Real Coding Ninjas</h1>
  <p>A sound clip of Zersiax's screen reader in action.</p>
<audio controls>
<source src="" and type attribute set to "audio/mpeg" type="audio/mpeg"/>



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Challenge: Improve Accessibility of Audio Content with the audio Element

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I have done it. I watched and listened again the video and I understood what was missing.

hi, maybe you want to share what exactly the problem and the solution was, then others can learn from it. :slight_smile:

it was about writing type=“audio/mpeg” in the audio controls and source src tag. It was not showing up in the video. But he was saying that, I found out about it when I listened again the video.