Html and PHP form not working

Hi all.

I’m trying to make a form, but every time I hit submit whilst testing it, I get a 405 error.

You can find the repo here:

Thanks in advance!

Your code seems right… I’ve googled for 405 error and I’ve found this:

What are you using on server? LAMP?

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I’m using it in Github pages.

First sending post requests in github pages is not allowed(the 405 error)
second you try run php in static file web server(, so you can’t you need a php server.


Okay, thank you very much!

You can use Cloud9 : if you don’t have a dev machine that works.

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Or Koding, CodeAnywhere or Codiad :slight_smile:

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You can also use 000webhost which does work with php. You may also plug-in a MySQL database and create a user login system. East to do.