Html audio not working

Hi so i am working on a html project that will have music on.
The problem is that my audio tags are working for only one of my audio files (only one of the songs i want to include) and the others won’t.
Here is my code the first audio tag is working but the others not.

<li>Παρατυπία - Παραλογισμός
<audio controls>
 <source src="Παρατυπία - Παραλογισμός.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">
<li>Πνευματική Διάψευση - Ανεξίτηλα σημάδια Full album
<audio controls>
  <source src="Πνευματική Διάψευση - Ανεξίτηλα Σημάδια +2 - Full Album (2014)" type="audio/mpeg">
</audio controls>
<li>Απολίτιστοι- Η σημαία
  <audio controls>
    <source src="G:\Music\as\PUNK\Punk\Απολίτιστοι - Η σημαία.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">

As i said only the first tag of audio is functional and can be heared through the browser.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe include a codepen?
It might just be an issue that the webpage can’t reach the second audio file