HTML básico y HTML5 - Agrega imágenes a tu sitio web

No entiendo por que me dice lo siguiente:
El atributo alt de tu elemento imagen no debe estar vacío.

"<img src="" alt="freddCodeCamp logo">"

No sé como poner mi código, salta directamente la imagen

Alguien puede ayudarme?

Please use the help button so we get all of your code and a link to the step.

This probably isn’t the right text.

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Using this:

<img src="" alt="texto descriptivo">

Is also wrong :frowning:

This is also not the text from the instructions

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Please Read This:

<img src=""alt= a cute orange cat lying on its back>

Wrong. I think isn’t the text maybe?

a should be capital. The text should exactly match also you need to use quotes

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Putting “” around the text is required

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Thank you so much Kay! That was the error! the capital letters and the "