HTML- Building a Registration Form-Missing Instructions

I don’t have an image I can upload because I’m at my work CPU. The instruction for step 28 are totally missing. I’ve tried refreshing, logging out multiple times and signing in on a different CPU. IDK what to do. I’m worried I wont be able to get my certification with a missing a step in the curriculum. THQ any input would be highly appreciated.

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If you can complete the 5 projects, I believe you can get the certification without completing all of the steps. It is good practice to complete them all. But, I do not think it is required if you can complete the projects. I have included a screenshot of the instructions for Step 28 of Building a Registration Form


Sorry! Are you able to complete it with the instructions? Or is it not loading at all?

I would guess it may be due to some security measures on the computers at your work. But, I am not sure.

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