HTML — Building a Survey Form

Would someone please help me understand what this question is asking me to do? It says that every “radio button group should have at least 3 radio button.” well, I have three “radio” buttons, why am I still getting an error message, I don’t understand?

I know that I am supposed to copy the code and paste it here for your convenience; however, for some reason it’s not popping up when I click on “ask for help,” and I cannot select and copy it with my cursor. For now, my only option is to take a screenshot to show what I am talking about.

Is anybody else having problem with this screen? Why is this :point_up_2: not popping up with the code like it usually does?

Can someone in ADMIN help with this issue?

Thank you.

When the code gets too long, you have to copy it yourself into the template area for “your code so far”.
Have you tried that?

Try this instead.
Remove the “p” element and add “label” element instead
after adding the “label” element link the “label” element and “input” with “for” attribute in “label” and “id” attribute in the “input” element.

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