Html/css first project

Hi, in html/css I couldn’t do a draft first certificate assignment, but doesn’t check the site and I can’t get a certificate. Please tell me what to do.

Hi there. Welcome to the community. I’m afraid I’m having a bit of trouble understanding your question. I am not sure whether you want to know more about how to get your certificate, or how you can save your certification projects.

You can claim the Responsive Web Design Certificate after you have successfully completed all of the Certification Projects by making their automated tests pass. The certificate can then be claimed from within the settings menu.

If you are working on a certification project and want to stop. There is a button called Save your Code which allows you to save your progress. Once you go back, your progress should still be there. If that’s not what you wanted to know, please rephrase your question so we can help you better. Cheers

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