HTML/CSS/Java Mentor/support

Hi everyone!
I started to learn; I’m taking some classes, but everyone seems to already have some bases, and I end up getting a bit behind on the exercises. I try to practice more on weekends; however, sometimes I get stuck, not knowing where to search, and have a lot of web pages open, which is more confusing sometimes. I would love to have someone that I could reach out to in those moments where I´m stuck for some help. If someone has availability, I would be forever grateful.

Hi there! You’re welcome, feel free to reach out to me, direct message or as you wish :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can always post your questions on the forum


Hi Ray! Thank you so much! Can´t seem to find that option don´t know if that´s a pro version. Could you reach out?

I did already and maybe I will share a few more but other times is very specific and even the answers sometimes seen hard to understand from someone that is starting now :neutral_face: thank you for your advice :pray:

Direct message? Just click on my avatar and below the image in the pop up menu Message button exists

for some reason I don´t have that option :neutral_face:

How interesting, no problem, I’ll write you now

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Well, check your inbox