HTML lesson 35- Form action assistance

Step 35

The action attribute indicates where form data should be sent. For example, <form action="/submit-url"></form> tells the browser that the form data should be sent to the path /submit-url.

Add an action attribute with the value to the form element.

Just trying to figure out where im going wrong as ive tried numerous combinations with this and found that this is what i believe to be correct. Well im wrong and need help :frowning:

Hi @devinj88

Welcome to the FCC forum!

I appreciate your time writing the forum and taking your time trying the combinations.

But we cannot understand your problem if we cannot see your code

can you provide us all of your html code to your latest attempt?

enclose your code with triple backticks like so


paste code here




Hi Devin. Here is what worked for me. I don’t fully understand why but it appears to be correct.

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