HTML special characters for Email HTML experts ?

I have joined a Brand team, they develop Emails, coding is fine but I noticed that instead of typing simple text, they alsways use special characters

Example, if we type french text, they have letters suchh as é, à, etc… they don’t type them explicitly and I am doing exactly what they do, but before joining them I always wrote the letters just fine…

I did not want to ask why they do this ! that why I’m here ? Why would they do that ?

Anyone had issues regarding typing characters explicitly in the HTML of the email ? are those characters not readable somewhere ?

It is probably a good idea to ask someone who has been there for a while this question.

My guess is that what you’re typing is being fed into a program as input.
And if you didn’t type Unicode (I am guessing you meant Unicode) then the characters would break the code that is consuming them.

I’m pretty sure Outlook isn’t the target, because I use Litmus and Have access to all major versions, and I never saw that the characters were displayed incorrectly, but Yes, the concept may be true, same emails clients don’t understand those characters.