HTML STEP 14 "_blank"

Need help on HTML step 14. Can’t figure this one out

Instructions: Add a target attribute with the value _blank to the anchor (a ) element’s opening tag, so that the link opens in a new tab.

My Code:

See more cat photos in our gallery.

Please enlighten me.

Could you please send the code so I can see what’s wrong, ray?

I can’t tell which one is what, sorry.

sorry this is the one

Ok, so you missed the area where you should put [target=“_blank”] area. Correct?

can’t figure where to put the _blank. and iv’e tried a lot already.

The text is [ target=“_blank” ], the tip could lie in the anchor…

Can you show me where in the code shall i put this?

Here’s a small explanation, I guess :
< a element=“text” element=“text”>
You can put multiple element’s / text inside your code, but I cannot say which part.
Hoped it helped.

Did the code earlier worked or no?

it did not work. Getting close tho. I just need to figure out where to put the value

Here is a tip : Anchor.
This should be more possible now?
The area where you write it will depend.

Simillar to the href value, but different element and text, it should be given.

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Did it help this time?
I hope it did :smiley:

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Finally! Thank you so much. The code works. Placed it after .com" without the

No problems, it’s our job to help each other.

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This is what I did. For future reference

.com"target=“_blank” >cat photos

That’s where i placed the _blank. Thanks sep.11842 for the help. Bless up

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