HTML5Up: How do I change the caption title on a slideshow?

Hi there, I was working on a portfolio project using one of the HTML5Up templates. I’ve taken the code of one of the slideshows from Strata:

After you click on one of them, if you notice, they have the caption on the lightbox slideshow. Thing is, I don’t know how to change the title of the caption as it looks like an event thing? (see blue highlighted)

Here is my website where I am trying to fix the slideshow:

It is located by the ‘User Case Study’ paragraph. You can see where I am trying to change.

Is it possible to find where the code to change the caption is?


In the original template code, the captions are hard-coded as h3 elements in the index.html file.
Then, in the main.js file there’s a call to the poptrox function with some code to set the caption text to the text of the h3 element.

You’ll probably need to read the documentation for the poptrox plug-in to figure out how to adapt that to your code.

Here’s a link to the poptrox repo on GitHub to get you started.

Thank you! This was helpful and I got it to work.

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