Hi, I am doing the Relational Database course. I am at Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate. I am signed in to I am signed into Github. In the CodeAlly /Terminal , I am at assignment: Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate

That’s a lot of folders. You can add a flag to a command to use it different ways like this: ls . List the contents of the node_modules folder in “long list format”. Do that by adding the -l flag to the “list” command I know I answsered correctly: codeally@03043ea2779a:~/project/freeCodeCamp/node_modules$ ls -1. I have done this several times, I does not give me credit for it. It seem the credit feature is not working - Thanks George Baker

Hello there,

Note that the instructions are to use -l (hyphen <lowercase L>) not -1 (hyphen <number one>).

Hope this helps