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HI guys! the above given link takes you to my Technical Documentation Page.
I can’t understand what’s going wrong with my 10 requirement for the project i.e User Story #10: Additionally, the navbar should contain link ( a ) elements with the class of nav-link . There should be one for every element with the class main-section .

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My project is already complete with the exception of 10 requirment.Plz help.

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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

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your section “Strings” is missing class="main-section"
You should read the errors more carefully. It says “one a element should refer to one .main-section. Expected 8 equals 7” Which means you have 8 <a> Elements but only 7 sections with the main-section class.

Thank you brother! I was stuck over there for almost an hour. Truly one should always observe things from a third person perspective. Thank you once again.

No problem! Good look with your projects ^^