Please take a look at my first assignment Tribute Page

Please change your title to “Tribute page feedback” you have put the link there.
I took a look at your webpage, but there is no difference between your and the sample one?
They say you have to build your own, and to take some inspiration from the sample one and to make your own personalized one. Don’t just copy and paste the content.
You can only learn when you build it yourself. Choose a different person and develop from scratch.

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Thanks a lot but I did the code from scratch to look like the sample as instructed I copied the content not the code

No you are misunderstood then. You DON’T have to build the same project. You can build about anyone with your designs. Take a look at mine -
Click here.

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Okay then I will work on it
Nice Tribute Page design by the way

I just edited it could you please check it out again

yeah, now it looks great you can always use to get color palette,.

Thanks for the feedback and the resource

Your page looks good @ZeeCkel. Some minor things to revisit;

  • Get rid of the footnote numbers in your text. Since there is no links to them it just doesn’t look right to have them there.
  • Since you have your items in a list and they’re nicely separated why not get rid of the bullet points. It’ll make your page look nicer.
  • Don’t use <br> to force spacing. Use margin and/or padding in CSS
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Thanks a lot for that I’ll fix it