Hi everyone, I just finished the first project on frontend library projects 'Random quote Machine" using React. It took me some days to get push it through. I am requesting for your feedback. I have not been able to include the because it is failing on my local machine. I also want to know how to include it.
I welcome all corrections and suggestions. Thank you!

Hey @ebruphs

The provided link is not accessible.

Has been resolved thanks. would be waiting for your reviews

Hey, @ebruphs

The project looks good. Try adding more background colours. Also when trying to share the tweet. The current quote is not copied to twitter. Try adding a codepen document next time. It will be easier to check the code and give you the feedback on that as well.

Regarding the test suite . You can add the <script src=""></script> just before the <body/> tag ends.

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Thanks for the support I will add your corrections. Well, i didn’t build with code pen but the code are in my git repo.

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