not sure what I am doing wrong in this lesson as far as i can see I am assigning a fallback the same way i did in previous lessons but it is not working in this one. Anybody able to see what I am missing here?

What is your current code? What else have you tried? What do the failing test say? What is behaving differently than you expect it to?

:root { --red-color: red; } .red-box { background: color(red); var(--red-color); height: 200px; width:200px; }
this is the code im giving and it is telling me to place the fallback immediately before the current variable for background, which i think ive done above but theres something im obviously doing wrong here.

That is not correct. It should be:

background: red;

okay i tried that earlier i must’ve just missed the colon I’ll give it a try again. Thank you!

Just tried inputting background: red; var(–red-color); still doesn’t work. Is it possible the lesson just isn’t working properly?

fixed it, thank you!

i need help on this same issue

Solved,I was able to get my variables right

background: red;
background: var(--red-color);