Hi … i am facing issue while learning Api and microservices course topic node and express … When i try to run this starter project its showing not found, then i tried to host it but says link might be broken how to resolve this issue so that i can continue my learning…
find the link here >> “

Welcome there,

Nothing is being served yet at the endpoint /. As such, the browser suggests, nothing is found. This is the expected behaviour of the boilerplate, until you complete the necessary steps in the lessons.

Basically: Follow the instructions on the lesson page, and you will understand what is happening, sooner or later.

Hope this clarifies.

Yeah i just did in the first assignment it says to console.log(“Hello World”) then later the test is not passing…can i move forward?

Would you mind sharing the link to your project code?

It is difficult to help without more information.

yeah it got resolved …i just deleted the repl and just made a new repository.

I am glad to have such a positive instant response from you… I thank you

Glad you got this resolved. Remember to pop by this forum, if you get stuck again, and be sure to use the search bar to see if others have faced the same issue.

Happy coding

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