What is your hint or solution suggestion?
this challenge needs to be re-written. The description is very un-clear, as well as contradicttory.

  1. It says to re-direct to ‘/’ on failure.
    "passport.authenticate can also take some options as an argument such as { failureRedirect: ‘/’ } which is incredibly useful, so be sure to add that in as well. "

  2. It says to re-direct to ‘/profile’ if it passes.
    “Add a response after using the middleware (which will only be called if the authentication middleware passes) that redirects the user to /profile.”

  3. Then it says to re-direct to ‘/’ if it passes.
    “If the authentication was successful, the user object will be saved in req.user.”

So which is it, redirect to ‘/’ or redirect to ‘/profile’.


Challenge: How to Use Passport Strategies

Link to the challenge:

I’m not sure the instructions contradict themselves?

I think you trimmed out a paragraph here:

If the authentication was successful, the user object will be saved in req.user.

At this point, if you enter a username and password in the form, it should redirect to the home page /, and the console of your server should display 'User {USERNAME} attempted to log in.', since we currently cannot login a user who isn’t registered.

Thank you for the reply,
Yes, I did trim part of the paragraph as I felt it wasn’t necessary for my question. What the question asks and what is being tested for are almost totally unrelated. The challenge question does contradict itself.
It’s a pity, as this is a good program from FCC, but most of the learning seems to be, how to understand badly worded requirements, rather than learning Node.js and express.
I did finally solve the challenge by ignoring the challenge question for the most part, and with a lot of trial and error.

My point is that I think you actually trimmed out required information.

You removed context about what “if it passes” means in the logical flow that is being requested.