I am confused about Render React on the Server with renderToString

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class App extends React.Component {
constructor(props) {
render() {
  return <div>

var a = ReactDOMServer.renderToString(<App />);
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Basically what I am trying to ask is I tried locally on my machine, and it does not return anything. Can anyone share a minimized git repo to me that can show how it works

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Challenge: Render React on the Server with renderToString

Link to the challenge:

I have never used it. It might just be how the challenge is set up that is causing it not to actually return anything.

Do you have a minimized git repo to simulate this behavior?

Why does it need to be a repo? Can’t you just look at the StackBlitz I posted?

Are you trying to use it client-side or server-side? The method works for both.

WOW. Thanks a lot!!!

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