I am getting some little error like sometime its being tieing game

#project 1 rock,paper,scisser
import random
def gameWin(comp,you):
if comp == you:
return None
elif comp==‘R’:
if you==‘S’:
return False
elif you==‘P’:
return True
elif comp==‘P’:
if you==‘R’:
return False
elif you==‘S’:
return True
elif comp==‘S’:
if you==‘P’:
return False
elif you==‘R’:
return True

print(“comp turns:Rock(1)paper(2)scisser(3)?”)
if randNo==1:
elif randNo==2:
elif randNo==3:

you=input(“your turn:Rock(R)paper(P)scisser(S)?”)
a =gameWin(comp,you)

print(f"computer choose {comp}")
print(f"you choose {you}")

if a == None:
print(“Game is tied!”)
elif a:
print(“you won the game!”)
else :
print(“you lose the game!”)

Hi Rushiraj. Can you give an example of where the program incorrectly shows a tie ?

It will also be helpful for me to understand if you could indent your code.

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