I am having a problem with my personal portfolio

i am trying to create a link to other sections of the page on my navbar
please can you point me to the problem with my code => https://codepen.io/grey_being/pen/zYGEBez?editors=1010

@phlexphlames, you don’t have any sections set up to link to nor do you have a navbar set up.

But if that’s where you’re having issues, each of the project builds on the next. So you’d set up your navbar and the sections like you did when you made your Product Landing page and then when you made your Technical Documentation page.

i have made some changes to the code but i still cant create a link to other sections of the page on my navbar.
link=> https://codepen.io/grey_being/pen/zYGEBez?editors=1000

7. The navbar should contain at least one link that I can click on to navigate to different sections of the page. At least one navbar link should move the page position when clicked : expected false to be true

You have not enough content in yout page to pass this user story. Move to the other user stories, and see what happens with this one when you have a page that is longer than the viewport