I am having trouble with Random Quote Machine

Ok so here is my pen https://codepen.io/mboesiger/pen/aWezrO

I am having an extremely hard time understanding APIs so any nudge in the right direction would be really useful. I know I am missing something in the JS but I have no idea what and I just cant seem to wrap my head around it.

I found two problems. First, you need to load JQuery. Setting/JavaScript/Quick-adds

Secondly, you need to change the api url to “https” because codepen is https now.

Both these errors can be discovered by using the browser console, CTRL-SHFT-J in most browsers.

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Oh my god. Thank you so much. It worked. I am so ecstatic right now.

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Except now it only loads the same quote over and over, even though I have cache set to false…

It’s loading new quotes each time for me.

I am so ecstatic right now.

Oh yeah. We all know that feeling. Beat your head against the wall for hours, and then all of a sudden, everything falls into place. Ahhhhhhhh.

Yes I fixed the same quote issue shortly after that comment. Turns out I put the cache:false; too low.

And yes I almost felt like the guy in the picture with his hand through the monitor. It is amazing though when things fall into place.

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