I am not able to resume one pending course *Learn Bash by building a boilerplate

Good morning everyone! I am having some issues to resume one pending course Learn Bash by Building a boilerplate… is anyone here that has faced this same problem with the assessments??? basically I am trying refreshing the page but it just shows up an empty/blank screen.

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Challenge: Build a Boilerplate

Link to the challenge:

What are the “some issues” you’re having?

You likely need to enable third-party cookies @edassgon. I would try and that see if it works. There could also be some browser extensions affecting cookies that you may need to adjust. Let us know if any of that works or if you are still having troubles.

Good morning Ariel, basically once I am trying to start all over again this course the main page remains completely empty (white/black screen without any content on it) and so I am not able to resume this course again. This happened once I was on 70% completion of it and after some inactivity from my side, the laptop turned into stand-by mode.

I was able to trigger the same (I think) problem in Firefox for Mac (without any extensions or cookie blockers). I had to open the command palette (View > command palette) and run CodeRoad:start. In my case this still pulled up a blank view and I had to close that CodeRoad tab and run the command again. I had to retry a couple of times.

Hi I’m having the same problem. Any resolution for this? thank you

Try the troubleshooting steps here @hoarders2. Sometimes it takes a few tries - it took me several just now.

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Yup it worked now :slight_smile:

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