I am Shocked I am Shocked

Feeling shocked.
After trying for 1hr+ solved Chunky Monkey problem by myself but forgot to download it. Didn’t know that if I it isn’t downloaded then it can’t be retrieved. :confounded:

Hi @shawon117315 !

Welcome to the forum!

I am sorry that you weren’t able to save your solution.

I would suggest coming back to it in a day or two and solve again.
Now that you know how to solve it you might actually come up with a better solution than your first attempt.


Thanks @jwilkins.oboe I am back on track :clinking_glasses:

Depending on your browser settings, the solution may still be saved in your local storage. Go to the challenge and see if your code is still in the editor. If so, you can submit again and you’ll get the download popup.

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What do you mean by


I am confused. can you be a little more descriptive? I tried every corner but maybe i couldn’t find it. Note: I did submit the solved and next challenge button and went to next challenge.

Use your browser to navigate to the Chunky Monkey challenge. You can use the curriculum page or click the link that you included in your first post.

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Aww! No no…Already Checked. It didn’t saved anything.
Thanks @ArielLeslie for being so responsive. :clinking_glasses:

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