I am struggling with the positioning

I am struggling to place the logo on the left and the nav-link anchors on the right which keeping the space between them, what alignment should I use?

The link to the project:

Hey @indrayudhdatta!
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Can you please a link to your project?

It is easy to find the problem.

Hello @indrayudhdatta

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Like @codely pointed out, it is easier to suggest a solution if you provided a link to your pen.
I think the solution you are seeking for is:

    justify-content: space-between; /*  Instead of  flex-end  */
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I see from your shot, that you are coding in the FCC’s pen. please make sure fork the pen and start coding

I have linked the project, can you take a look? I want to keep the logo stuck to the left side and the three anchors to the right. How do I do that? Thanks for your help!

Remove the

padding: 20px;

And in css add,

margin: 0px 650px 0px 0px;

If you have any doubts, reach out to me.

All you need is one line of css as you are using flexbox.

#header-img {
margin-right: auto;

Thanks! That worked perfectly!!

Thanks, the padding settings worked but the “margin-right: auto” setting worked better.