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  .red-text {
    color: rgb(225, 0, 0);
  .orchid-text {
    color: rgb(218, 112, 214);
  .sienna-text {
    color: rgb(160, 82,45);
  .blue-text {
    color: rgb(0, 0, 225);

<h1 class="red-text">I am red!</h1>

<h1 class="orchid-text">I am orchid!</h1>

<h1 class="sienna-text">I am sienna!</h1>

<h1 class="blue-text">I am blue!</h1>

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You are stuck on what exactly?

There is nothing wrong with your code, but i would suggest to reset you code and then try to replace the hex color values with the rgb color values again.

i dont know… The code does not proceed at all …It says mistake in the red and blue color

thanks NealVanMeerbeek …I just found the solution …I instead of writing the rgb code i copided and pasted
and it worked.

Yes, I was having the same issue. just reseted and copy/paste the rgb