I am stuck in my technical documentation

hy… i am stuck in my technical documentation on.

On regular sized devices (laptops, desktops), the element with id="navbar" should be shown on the left side of the screen and should always be visible to the user.

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wrap your code with 3 of these: ` on top an bottom. Look for this icon when you’re posting:

Or you can post your codepen where you coded from!

you can see the link to the page in the post.


I still have no idea what your code is. You need to format it correctly or link to your codepen.

pls i dont know how to send the link.
waiting to hear from you

Send the link to the codepen that you used to complete this project.

pls i need explanation on what this link to the codepen is

This is the codepen your forked: https://codepen.io/freeCodeCamp/pen/MJjpwO

Post your codepen where you coded from

i am coding offline. when i am done then i will copy and paste it in in codepen your forked. if i got 100% i will submit the codepen your forked link and move to the next project. is there any problem with that? and where will i get the link you requested from me?.

There’s no problem with that I guess but it’s really hard to help if I can’t see what you’ve done.

When you eventually post it on CodePen just share the url that shows up when you’re editing the code after you’ve saved it.

here is the link

Take a look at this webpage which details how to create a fixed sidebar. Pay close attention to the comments they make aside each CSS line. Especially the fixed property. Which will be the building block to getting yours to look similar to the example you’re trying to replicate.

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thanks i have seen it and the nav-bar is now fixed in the left side. but still 15/16.