I am tring to fetch data from api and search data. but I a little bit confusing how to do that

const search = document.querySelector('#search');
const matchList = document.querySelector('#match-list');
let studentsDetails;

const searchStudents = async searchText => {
    const res = await fetch('https://www.hatchways.io/api/assessment/students');

    const fetchStudents = await res.json();
    const studentsDetails = fetchStudents.students;
    var content = [];
    for (var i = 0; i < studentsDetails.length; i++) {
    // Match to current text input
    let matches = content.filter(student => {
        const regex = new RegExp(`^${searchText}`, 'gi');
        return content.firstName.match(regex) || content.lastName.match(regex);



search.addEventListener('input', () => searchStudents(search.value));

Is your question about the RegEx? Because your function seems to be working correctly, as far as getting the API response is concerned.

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I want to filter a data when typing in search bar.

Your regex search is incorrect.

First, you want to use student to run .match() on, instead of content.firstName.match, because student will be the current string being iterated upon.

And next, I don’t think you’ve pushed last names onto content, so this won’t work anyway -

If I change your code to -

let matches = content.filter(student => {
        const regex = new RegExp(`^${searchText}`, 'gi');
        return student.match(regex);


And call the function with searchStudents('Mureil'), I get - ["Mureil"]

Yes it working know but just for the first name I want it also by last name and get all data about this student. because it just give me his name.