I am trying to place my input below my label but I am having issues doing so

I want my input below my label like depicted here:

but instead this is what I have .

Here is the link to the code:

What do you recommend?

You can use <br> to insert a single line break after your label.

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Line breaks should only be used for text within paragraphs.

@noblegas87 Use CSS to position elements. You can give label elements a display value of block.

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I guess earlier I was looking at the examples from W3Schools for forms help and their examples used line breaks. https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_form_input_types.asp

But now that I think about it, in those examples, they weren’t using CSS, just HTML. I’m working on my survey form project right now and will reevaluate with the plan of using CSS to align instead of line breaks.

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I have a new issue. I am trying to align my font awesome icons horizontally with my input field like this:

But my font aawesome icon doesn’t want to stay in the alignment that I want it to stay in:

The code I’ve used.


image ;

image ;

HEre is the link again.https://codepen.io/noblegas/pen/wvaxYmY