I build a Pomodoro Timer in ReactJS. Will be updating routinely :)

Here’s the link

Features to be added soon:

  • Browser notifications
  • User configuration (interval length, longer rest times, etc.)

Check it out on GitHub

Nice! I love the simple landing page.

Is it intentional that the clock continues to flash over top of the text, when viewing the description? It’s visually pretty cool, but personally I found it distracting.

Hey @kieranharding, thanks for the feedback! That’s a bug that definitely needs to be fixed. Will work on it now :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know!

You’re using tabs with size 4 instead of 2, most JavaScript developers use 2, you probably want to standardize as well.

Your project looks great, congratulations!

By the way, on mobile there is no button to close the modal/message/whatever it is.

Where are you seeing this? Pretty sure my text editor is configured to 2.

Thanks for the feedback!

EDIT: Can you add a image to show what you’re seeing on mobile?


interesting. im not having that issue on iOS. I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

I can still scroll down and read the text, but there is no button to close it.