I built my own markdown previewer

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I built my own markdown previewer
do i really need to use the API marked for this challenge to pass?
here is my previewer:

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Challenge: Build a Markdown Previewer

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When you run markdown previewer tests against your codepen, two of the tests fail because you’re not using <h1> tags as requested properly. They’re not that hard to fix so you can pass all the tests. :call_me_hand:
I however did not fully understand your question, what do you mean by API ? Are you asking how to run the tests or by API you’re talking about submitting your codepen for Freecodecamp ?

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Thank you. I made two editors and two previewer, one using marked and one using parse, since the project wanted us to use a library ‘marked’.
I just hid the previewer and editor that uses marked, but they are working… if you run the test again.

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This was just a suggestion as it is one of the more popular libraries for handling markdown but you can use a different one if you want, it shouldn’t affect the tests.

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One improvement I would suggest is that the editor window not scroll as you scroll the window. I think it would be helpful to have the editor fixed in place so you can make your edits and see the changes live in the preview pane.

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Thank you. i did what you suggested.

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