I built TIc Tac Toe in python

I have been studying python in the last 2 weeks for many hours and last night I did the game Tic-Tac-Toe. I’m a beginner developer so I don’t know whether my code is good enough. I want to know from you what I need to improve in my code and what is the next challenge I can try to build for practicing
It’s normal that I have no Idea what I did in my code but it works perfectly?
I don’t know exactly what I did in my code because it took me about 5 hours to build it and I need to review the code again after a good sleeping because I stayed up all night
sorry for my bad english I’m not a native speaker
this is link to the code

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Woah! That’s really cool! A lot of fun, too :wink: Keep up the good work, I hope to see more awesome stuff from you!!!