I can’t find anything wrong in this code

HELP I have tried everything and can’t figure out what is up with this code from what I can see nothing is wrong could someone help thanks.

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.red-text {
  color: rgb(225, 0, 0);
.orchid-text {
  color: rgb(218, 112, 214);
.sienna-text {
  color: rgb(160, 82, 45);
.blue-text {
  color: rgb(0, 0, 225);

<h1 class="red-text">I am red!</h1>

<h1 class="orchid-text">I am orchid!</h1>

<h1 class="sienna-text">I am sienna!</h1>

<h1 class="blue-text">I am blue!</h1>
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Challenge: Use RGB to Mix Colors

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You are mixing up the number 225 for 255.

Thanks man can’t believe i didn’t notice changed everything in the code and it was my own stupid fault haha

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