" I can watch an embedded product video with id="video"

Hello friends
In my Landing Page challenge I can’t solve this video insertion problem. the url gives it to me with a <iframe> tag but the challenge tells me that I must have an id = "video" and it seems that you can’t use both because when I do it the video is deleted and the challenge didn’t pass either.
I get following error:

#video should be an <iframe> or <video> element
AssertionError: #video should be an <iframe> or <video> element

Do you have any idea how I should do?
Thank you

Hello adrian.

I have edited your post, to make it more readable. In future posts, please conform to the markdown method, as writing actual HTML code outwith backticks (`) causes issues.

Also, it is far more likely you will be helped with your problem, if you post your code/codepen link.

Happy coding.

thank you very much !!

@adrianpede, as stated please post a link to your codepen. From what we can see here it looks as though you’re using a class for video instead of an id