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I am trying to finish the budget app (3rd Python Project). The code is a little bit mess (sorry) but runs without any problems (i think so). Even though the result seems to be similar to the solution i can’t pass the final test. It says “Expected different chart representation. Check that all spacing is exact.”. Also the the create_spend_chart function in the main.py runs without any errors but the test fails because there is a difference in spacing … What? How? Help?
Thank you

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def create_spend_chart(categories):

    ##Function to round down given numbers (n)

    def truncate(n, decimals=0):

        multiplier = 10 ** decimals

        return int(n * multiplier) / multiplier

    spend = list()

    percent = list()

    cat_names = list()

    number_of_items = len(categories)

    longest = 0

    chart = ""

    ##Find the total amount spent for each category and add it to a list called spend

    ##Also add each category name to another list called cat_names

    for cat in categories:

        total = 0

        for l in cat.ledger:

            if (l["amount"] < 0):

                total += l["amount"]





    ##Find the Percentage spend by each category and add it to a list called percent

    for s in spend:

        percent.append(100 * truncate(s / sum(spend), 1))

    chart = "Percentage spent by category"


    ####Create the chart####

    for r in range(100, -1, -10):

        ##Create the numbers from 100 to 0 

        chart += f"\n{r:>3}| "

        ##Create the bars for each category

        for n in range(number_of_items):

            if (percent[n] >= r):

                chart += "o"


                chart += " "


            chart += "  "

    ##Add -

    chart += "\n" + (4 * " ") + (3 * "-" * number_of_items) + "-"

    ##Find the longest name

    for c in cat_names:

        if (len(c) > longest):

            longest = len(c)

    ##Add the category names

    for i in range(longest):

        chart += "\n" + (5 * " ")

        for j in range(len(cat_names)):


                chart += cat_names[j][i]

                chart += "  "


                chart += 3 * " "      



Challenge: Budget App

Link to the challenge:

can you link your repl? it’s easier to see what’s going on like that
also note that the tests test the returned value from your function

your function does not have an output

the failed test says

AssertionError: None != 'Percentage spent by category\n100| [384 chars] t '

the None is what is returned from your function, the string is what it is expected
you need to have an output so that the tests can then test your output


You are a wizard!! Thank you

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