I cant seem to nest my button in there own label i am not sure why

am not sure what i am doing wrong but my button are not nesting. everything else is great just that one issue i cant seem to solve help!

Hi @chrishantae!

It would help to see your code.

At first glance, you misspelled type near the bottom.

Generally, it is always best to write your code in the forum here or use the ask for help button so we can test it out for ourselves.

But it also looks like you only need to have two radio buttons not three.

It also looks like a syntax error on line 28.

i made all the changes and still the same

Can you share the link and your code here in the forum?

That way I can give you a better answer by testing it myself.

Ok I found the problem.

You are going to need to reset the lesson.

This is the FCC example given to you.

<label for="indoor"> 
  <input id="indoor" type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor">Indoor 

You are need to add two of these to the page.
One says indoor and the other says outdoor.

If you follow the structure of the example exactly and only have two of these on the page like I described above then the test will pass.