I can't studying because when I click to check system error . Who knows what happened?

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<h1>Hello World</h1>

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User Agent is: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/14.1.2 Safari/605.1.15

Challenge: Headline with the h2 Element

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your test is for the h2 elements.
the elements are what are inside of your tags ( <> </>)
Add your h2 elements within tags. <h2> </h2>like the h1 elements<h1> </h1>Then fill in your CatPhotoApp I think it was.
How they filled in <h1>Hello world</h1>
<h2>***********</h2> yah dig
Hope this was helpful. :+1:

Try cleaning your cache or a different browser

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